Otomat Leuven

Pizza heaven with a sturdy touch

A real. academic eye for detail

For Otomat’s restaurant in Leuven, real. space agency turned a narrow space into a Pizza Heaven with a simulated garden view, a sturdy barrack, and a captivating beer journey.

The day that Heavenly Pizza came to Leuven

When Otomat decided to open a new Heavenly Pizza place in Leuven, Belgium’s prime university city, real. space agency got going to turn it into another unique hotspot. The new restaurant had to check all the boxes to ensure a great experience for all visitors, in line with Otomat’s philosophy of sharing happy moments. Moreover, the location – a long narrow space inside a historic building - posed an interesting challenge for real.’s interior architects.

Smart solutions for challenging spaces

To get the most out of the space’s specific shape, real. space agency came up with quite a smart solution. The bows in the restaurant’s middle part were covered with plates of corrugated iron, with rough wooden elements and low-hanging vintage lamps adding to the atmosphere. This resulted in an interior with a bit of a ‘barrack’ feel to it. In fact, this barrack seems to be placed in a garden, as a green zone was created in the back of the restaurant.

Go with the flow of a beer-ish journey

With ‘beer-ish’ being an essential part of the Otomat DNA, the restaurant’s interior also highlights the journey its beers make from barrel to tap. On the left side, the cooling system of the beer barrels was separated from the bar, and connected to the tap. As a result, it seems as if the beer flows through the whole space. Moreover, the metal tubes give an extra industrial look to the place.

Welcome to the communal table

True to the principles of Otomat, the interior is also focused on transparency and sharing. There’s the open bar and the high communal table and it’s always easy to peep into the kitchen – the place where the pizza magic happens. Moreover, the Duvel Room - where visitors wait for their table - was decorated with old windows, thus turning the space into a greenhouse and adding to the garden-like effect.

Pleasantly surprising countless customers

In the meantime, Otomat Leuven had the honour to welcome countless happy customers, who were pleasantly surprised by its inspired interior. On platforms like TripAdvisor, the restaurant received positive reviews, ranging from ‘nice trendy restaurant with an industrial look’ to ‘what a great place to reinvent the concept of pizza’. One thing’s for sure: in an academic town like Leuven, Otomat is a heavenly subject worth studying.



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