Ceci est une creation réussie: Baraque Friture!

It’s a friterie, but not as you know it

real. space agency designed the interior for Baraque Friture, combining the cosiness of a traditional Belgian ‘frituur’ with contemporary stylishness. Smart solutions optimized the usage of the space’s limitations, with converging materials and line divisions creating a unique vibe.

Ceci n’est pas une friture!

This was immediately obvious for those who entered Baraque Friture in the trendy Antwerpen Zuid neighbourhood. This truly original establishment focused on genuine Belgian comfort food with various yummy dishes and authentic tastes. Here, you could enjoy all the good things in life: simple and tasty dishes, rooted in the Belgian ‘frituur’ tradition (but going much further than the basic snacks that most ‘frituren’ offer), spiced up with great company and refreshing beers.

Converging materials and line divisions

real. space agency took care of the full interior design of Baraque Friture, a unique convergence of wood, steel, concrete and white tiles. The contrastive dynamics between these premium materials resulted in a clear division of various spaces, such as the restaurant and kitchen. The left wall and ceiling were covered with steel profiles, filled with wood and concrete slabs to form a surface pattern. This line division was inspired by the logo of Baraque Friture (an abstract chip bag), and applied to the seating as well. As a result, the seats and tables – ‘floating’ surfaces made of the same material - seem to merge into the space’s design.

Opening up the kitchen for meaningful connections

Baraque Friture’s kitchen was placed at the very back to create more seating or space for the customer. The counter was deliberately kept open to broaden the space, instead of reducing it. By keeping the work surface free and hanging up the cabinets by means of a steel structure, the customer got a nice view into the kitchen. This created an inspiring connection between staff and client.

When a Belgian frituur meets contemporary stylishness

On the street side, a special window was installed for take-away orders. The kitchen’s white tiles were extended outwardly to highlight this zone. To emphasize the ‘rough barracks’ sensation even more, steel 'lantern poles' lit up the high and long dining table at the centre of the space. Moreover, the lavatory door was one of a Dixi toilet (well-known by all those festival lovers out there) – suggesting that only the smallest sanitary cabin would match the smallest frituur-restaurant.

Upsizing a small space through smart design

For a year, Baraque Friture managed to surprise visitors by combining two seemingly incompatible concepts: fine-dining and a genuine friterie. Its unique interior surely added to the experience, as real. managed to combine the cosiness of a traditional Belgian ‘frituur’ with contemporary stylishness. Smart interior solutions made sure that, despite its small size, the space could host countless happy visitors. Ceci est une creation réussie!

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