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Designing & constructing a New York deli near the Scheldt

real. space agency designed the interior of Richard’s Deli, and managed the complete execution of the interior decoration. This eye-catching pop-up in the centre of Antwerp made sure that the Hellman’s brand was firmly put on the map in Belgium.

Introducing Richard’s Deli at the heart of Antwerp

Despite its popularity in most parts of the world, Hellman’s Real had remained largely unknown in Belgium. Time for this well-reputed mayonnaise brand to conquer this unchartered territory, Unilever must have thought. That’s when true. food agency and real. space agency were called upon to develop an activation that would launch Hellman’s Real in the Belgian market. We came up with Richard’s Deli: a ‘New York’-styled deli at the heart of Antwerp.

Bringing the full deli experience to life

true. and real. joined forces to bring the full ‘New York deli’ experience to life at Richard’s. A menu with urban comfort food was composed, with Hellman’s Real playing a central role in every dish. Furthermore, we took care of the design and production of countless branded items, as well as managing the deli’s social media, and much more. But what made the experience truly complete, was the interior design that was completely conceived and realised by real. space agency.

Combining rough materials with lighter elements

We managed to evoke a contemporary ‘New York deli’ vibe by combining rougher materials with lighter elements. The symphony of seemingly contrasting materials resulted in an atmosphere of pleasant nonchalance and inviting freshness. The white ‘metro’ tiles and white-painted wood nicely contrasted with the rough brick wall and black metal stools. Additional shades of blue added character to the setting.

Seen and approved by thousands

The interior of Richard’s triggered the experience that was envisioned from the outset: making visitors feel as if they’re enjoying a sandwich or burger somewhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Overall, the pop-up deli hosted numerous clients over a period of three months – satisfied and enthusiastic customers who went on to talk about it with their family and friends. With thousands of Richard’s followers on Instagram, the most powerful visual medium of today, the interior also gathered countless likes and views. This creation of real. space agency clearly helped to boost the brand awareness of Hellman’s Real in Belgium.

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