real. space agency flies high in the Low Countries

Check in to check out our design at Schiphol

real. space agency fully conceived and designed Tastes from the Lowlands, a theme restaurant at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Covering 750 m2, this tasty hotspot invites countless passengers to enjoy typical Dutch and Belgian cuisine each day.

If you have a flight to catch at Schiphol airport, then make sure you pay a visit to Tastes from the Lowlands. As its name already suggests, this inviting restaurant focuses on typical food from the Netherlands and Belgium. For its development, food travel expert SSP
appealed to the expertise, vision and creativity of real. space agency.

Creating a complete experience on 750 m2

In close cooperation with our sister company true. food agency, we tackled the complete concept by translating the desired storytelling to the restaurant’s look and feel. We designed every space of the restaurant: the overall interior, but also the kitchen, back office, kiosk and more. This resulted in a total experience that covers no less than 750 m2.

Warm materials and typical patterns

The airport’s contemporary style and the view on the high-tech airplanes nicely contrasts with the restaurant’s authentic vibe, triggered by warm materials such as wood. The classic Dutch house, which can be seen in the logo, is also a recurring pattern on various walls.
This smart combination of genuine materials, typical patterns and local decorative elements makes sure that the restaurant truly lives up to its name by giving each passenger a real taste of the Lowlands. Enjoy your stay there … but don’t miss your flight!

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