Visit Beastie Burgers before it becomes illegal

Dive into Beastie Burgers’ tasty festival experience

If a full-fledged festival experience is whatcha want, then Beastie Burgers has it all. By mixing cosiness with a rugged style, as well as creatively converting music props, real. space agency managed to turn the restaurant’s interior into a celebration of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

What’s on the rider

Every touring band has a rider, a ‘wish list’ of the food and drinks the musicians will need at the venue. Beastie Burgers’ menu card certainly comes close to this phenomenon, with generous and tasty burgers named after rock heroes like Jimmy James, Jimi Hendrix and Metallica. What they all have in common, is that each burger is made with tons of passion for music. It’s with that same burning passion that real. space agency created an interior with an excessively high dose of rock ‘n’ roll. It combines nostalgia for the golden years with a more rugged, contemporary character.

When the van comes crashing in

Forget Van Halen and Van Morrison: when entering Beastie Burgers, you’re confronted with another ‘van’: a real van, which seems to have crashed in – the result of smart usage of the venue’s high windows. In fact, what used to be a van, is now the restaurant’s kitchen: ordering here is like ordering at a food truck. Moreover, this big van behind the large windows is a real ‘attention magnet’ that lures visitors in: while the one in Antwerp looks like a genuine touring bus, the van in Mechelen brings recollections of Walter White’s version in Breaking Bad. Some more details add to the festival experience: music speakers were turned into lamps, while various stage spots decorate the ceiling.

Cosiness mixes with rugged rock ‘n’ roll

Though created with recurring and recognizable rock ‘n’ roll elements, each Beastie Burgers venue also has its own characteristics. In Antwerp, the best spot was created next to the window: a cosy corner with red leather booths, intimate lighting made of microphones, and acoustic foam. It’s like you’re literally stepping into a recording booth. That same feeling will probably surface when you’re using the toilet at Beastie Burgers Mechelen: it’s conceived as a small recording booth, with an ‘on air’ sign even blinking while you’re doing your business. The unique mix between that cosy, homely feeling and a more rugged style is the essence of the restaurant’s decorative character. Urban graphics and neon mingle with tapestry, while leather contrasts with steel and concrete.

Exclusive backstage access

Beastie Burgers is filled with references to the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, albeit in different doses depending on where you go. Just like every festival has its own backstage area, Beastie Burgers Mechelen also has an intimate zone with a more exclusive vibe. To create this special section on the first floor, we used more copious materials and painted the stairwell red. Next to that, both venues – in Antwerp and Mechelen – have zones with wooden acoustic panels, cymbals turned into lighting devices, a drum kit attached to the ceiling, a wall made of speakers: everything makes you feel as if you’re in a rehearsal room, the place where the musical magic happens.

Cheered by countless fans

real. space agency managed to conceive an interior that captures the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, while giving you real appetite – not for destruction, but for all those tasty burgers on the menu. Like a producer who carefully defined an album’s sound, we created a balanced mix between cosiness and overall rock ‘n’ roll toughness. In the meantime, Beastie Burgers has been generally receiving positive reviews on TripAdvisor, which can be interpreted as a clear ‘we want more!’ from its fans.

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