A homely kitchen amidst an industrial environment

Discover an inspiring hotspot for show cooking

real. space agency designed an atmospheric kitchen for a leading global group in the food industry. By using natural materials, we managed to create a warm and cozy workspace in the middle of an industrial environment: an ideal hotspot for live 'show cooking' events.

Keeping it warm and homely

It all started when a leading global group, specialised in a wide range of activities - including the production of food products – was eager to show its products in an inspiring culinary setting. That’s when real. space agency came into the story, ready to design a unique demonstration kitchen: a space dedicated to food dishes with their own ingredients, as well as live ‘show cooking’ events. The main mission was to create a beautiful setting for inspiring food experiences.
Despite the fact that the kitchen would be situated in an industrial environment, we aimed for a warm and homely atmosphere. By working with glass, the kitchen’s openness was extended outwardly to the adjoining rooms, which contributes to the inviting atmosphere. As the space adjoins the company's laboratory and bakery, where an industrial look predominates, this also had to be taken into account in the design. To create warmth and conviviality, we used natural materials and colours, such as walnut wood for the furniture, Ceppo di Gres stone on the walls and cupboards, and dark colours for more intimacy.

Combing natural materials with industrial elements

On the other hand, the industrial look was emphasized by using vertical lines, black steelwork both in the kitchen islands and in the lighting and window frames, combined with a bronze-metal finish on the cupboard doors and steel mesh finished in bronze colour. Furthermore, a separate niche serves as a coffee corner, with black and bronze materials in combination with subtle LED lighting for a more intimate atmosphere.
Specific attention was also paid to lighting. By integrating a grid that is suspended from the ceiling, an extra dimension was added to the space in a playful way, whereby specific products can be highlighted in certain areas on the kitchen islands. In addition, one wall was also decorated with some beautiful eye-catching light fittings. This detail is also repeated in the windows of the doors.

A cozy hotspot against an industrial backdrop

Overall, real. space agency succeeded in creating an atmospheric kitchen for a leading group in the food industry. By combining natural materials with industrial elements, we conceived a warm and cozy workspace, an ideal hotspot for countless cooking events in the future.

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