Original slices of interior design

Heavenly places, made to share happy moments

real. space agency develops the interior of the different Otomat restaurants, turning them into warm and welcoming pizza heavens. While every restaurant is unique, it also reflects Otomat’s DNA of beer, Belgitude and sharing happy moments together.

Not your average pizza place

Otomat Heavenly Pizza wasn’t destined to be just any kind of pizza parlour. From day one, it was to become a place where beer & Belgitude would set the tone, while inspiring people to share happy moments together. When real. space agency was asked to develop the interior of the different Otomat restaurants, it was clear that every one of them had to imbued with Otomat’s DNA, while being unique at the same time. Always situated at A-locations, the characteristics of each venue’s space also entailed very specific challenges.

Welcome to the communal table

True to the principles of Otomat, we always develop every interior with focus on transparency and sharing. There’s an open bar and it’s always easy to peep into the kitchen – the place where the pizza magic happens. By combining this openness with warm materials and colours, we create an informal setting that invites people to share happy moments together. Larger groups are welcome at the sturdy communal table, a centrepiece in each establishment.

Go with the beer-ish flow

Although ‘beer-ish’ sounds a bit odd, it’s the ideal word to describe one of Otomat’s main characteristics. Each restaurant offers various beers, both local and international, on tap as well as bottled. It’s no wonder then that beer gets the starring role in Otomat’s interior. The beer fridge, tailor-designed for each specific restaurant, is always an immediate eye-catcher. In Bruges, this fridge is even three storeys high, which adds to a cathedral-like experience.
Sometimes we also play with the components of the beer tap system: at Otomat Leuven, the beer’s journey from barrel to tap is highlighted by the omnipresent metal tubes.

Unleash your inner Duvel

Otomat is also unmistakeably Belgian. Not in the least because various pizzas have original Belgian toppings, which refer to well-loved national dishes. But also because the pizza dough is prepared with the yeast of Duvel, one of Belgium’s most reputed beers. This connection is highlighted through various messages that decorate the walls, both in neon or on funny billboards. Next to that, flour sacks can often be seen lying around – not out of carelessness, but again to emphasize the fact that the dough is prepared on the spot.

Pleasantly surprising countless customers

For each Otomat restaurant, real. space agency manages to create a welcoming and unique interior, a pizza heaven where all are welcome to share happy moments. We also come up with smart solutions that get the most out of every space’s specific characteristics. In the meantime, numerous clients have been charmed by the completely original Otomat universe. On platforms like TripAdvisor, the restaurants keep receiving positive reviews, ranging from ‘nice trendy restaurant with an industrial look’ to ‘what a great place to reinvent the concept of pizza’.

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