Octave, the culinary crown jewel of Chocolate Nation

A real. restaurant experience that will make you melt

Octave is the restaurant of Chocolate Nation, the largest Belgian chocolate museum. real. space agency designed its interior, combining industrial and botanical elements for a premium dining experience.

Putting exquisite interior design on the menu card

Located in the heart of Antwerp, Chocolate Nation is a fine place to discover the tasty secrets of Belgian chocolate. Those with an appetite for more delicious discoveries can also visit Octave, the museum’s exquisite restaurant. If you may wonder why Octave’s interior looks as yummy as the dishes on its menu, then it’s good to know that real. space agency took care of the whole design, in collaboration with Chocolate Nation.

From faraway countries to Antwerp’s harbour

In line with the experience of Chocolate Nation, Octave’s interior concept features both industrial and botanical elements. These are references to Antwerp’s harbour, as well as to the tropical origins of cocoa beans. Moreover, the whole interior concept also draws inspiration from the Belle Epoque era, the period when Belgian chocolate was firmly on the rise. The sum of these parts results in a truly original restaurant space.

Linking botanical and industrial elements

Octave’s botanical touch was added by choosing specific materials with a natural feel to them: white marble, dark wood, weaved rattan, colourful benches, countless plants and more. Next to this, the choice of natural colours and the rounded shapes of the benches also created an organic effect. On the other hand, various industrial elements were added to evoke an ‘old factory’ perception: rough steel, brick walls, concrete floors and more.

Travelling on waves of beauty

Overall, Octave was divided in two levels, which are connected by the central open space and the bar.
The chocolate silo near the kiosk adds a nice industrial touch and is a real eye catcher. The first floor can even be considered as an ‘upper deck’ of a ship, with first-class service. Subtle references like these evoke a sense of travelling and transportation, related to cocoa’s journey from faraway countries to our territories.

A genuine hotspot for unforgettable moments

With Octave, real. space agency managed to develop a restaurant interior that makes visitors melt time after time. In line with Chocolate Nation’s request at the outset, Octave has become an original place where visitors can experience unforgettable dining moments. In no time, it has become ‘the talk of the town’ on various review platforms and a real reference for everyone who loves to enjoy fine food in an equally fine setting.

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