A spaghetti place like you’ve never seen before

Bavet gets the real. deal in original design

Just like its successful spaghetti sauce is made with the right proportion of ingredients, the interior and exterior of Bavet require a specific mix of authenticity and originality. real. space agency makes each Bavet restaurant totally unique - yet recognizable - by combining an old Belgian café style with some original twists and an ever-present muse.

Made for friends, created by real.

‘Made for friends’ is the motto that nicely sums up Bavet’s philosophy of uniting people around a delicious plate of spaghetti, its signature dish. While Bavet’s spaghetti meals may be loved for their familiarity, no two Bavet restaurants should look – or feel - the same. Bearing this in mind, real. space agency has been developing truly unique interiors and exteriors for various Bavet restaurants across the country.

Feel the vibe of an old Belgian café

To ensure maximal cosiness, Bavet often chooses older establishments or corner cafés as locations – buildings with tons of character, situated in the heart of the city. When developing a restaurant’s interior, real. space agency always aims to safeguard and even strengthen this authenticity. In every Bavet venue, we combine our own take on the ‘old Belgian café’ style with original twists and references to local heroes.

Inspired by the local muse

At Bavet, we manage to evoke the atmosphere of a good old Belgian café by integrating various typical elements like wooden benches, frames on the wall, tile patterns on the floor and bar, and more. We have also installed authentic tables and chairs that clearly have had a well-lived life before arriving at Bavet. Meanwhile, the restaurant’s muse is overlooking the whole scene: think of local heroes like Ferre Grignard in Antwerp, or Audrey Hepburn in Ixelles, whose portraits have been spray-painted on the wall.

Combining authenticity with intimacy and some quirkiness

Overall, we give every location that ‘Bavet touch’ by adding materials that nicely complement each building’s authentic elements. The authentic café character is emphasized through smart material choices: seemingly contrasting materials like wood and messing are combined with marble tables and velvet curtains. And while ‘retro bar’-styled lighting gives every restaurant its own intimate gloom, neon messages add a quirky twist to the whole.

A major dose of happiness and rock ‘n roll

real. space agency manages to create interiors and façades that embody Bavet’s mission ‘to bring people together with the right amount of happiness and rock ‘n roll’. It’s a place for friends and family, colleagues and lovers (or, who knows, both) to enjoy unforgettable ‘Lady and the Tramp’ moments – although you may prefer sticking to your own spaghetti dish.

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